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We understand the need professional project management as it is imperative to operating successfully in highly regulated industries. Project management not only prepares companies to meet regulatory requirements, but is crucial during times of crisis, such as product recalls.


Our team of industry experts are available for small to large projects. Regulatory, Compliance, Startup, End to End planning, coordination and execution. Seasoned experts to who are also Subject Matter Experts. Utilizing innovative solutions and tools to create a space for success. We focus on breaking down work silos and fostering stakeholder engagement. Remove obstacles and barriers. Outlining expectations and concrete deliverable. Comprehensive project plans and timelines.


The Heartline Group helps ensure high quality and regulatory compliance by translating, planning, and executing strategies to achieve successful submissions, and remediate identified issues. We do not shy away from timelines are tight, and we understand that resources can be thin; it does not matter quality cannot be compromised.


We are available for but not limited too :

  • Medical Device Development
  • UDI implementation
  • New Product Lifecycle
  • QMS implementation and remediation